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The Best Windows 10 Apps

The Best Windows 10 Apps

Although Windows 10 is good to go as soon as you switch your device on, it does allow for a more tailored user-experience, thanks to its use of apps. Although the use of apps is often associated with the Android and iOS operating systems, Windows has recognized how useful they can be, and made them an integral part of Windows 10.

Of course, some apps are better than others, but fear not. The following list highlights some of the most popular apps doing the rounds on the Windows Store.

  1. Google

Although it may seem a little strange that you should use the Google app when you may already have access to the Windows equivalents, there will be time when users need access to both services. Plus, Google are the search engine leaders, so although Bing serves a purpose, most people will be using Google for their online searches.

The Google app will also give users access to other services, such as Google Plus and YouTube. It’s effectively a productivity suite geared towards Google users.

  1. Dropbox

Windows comes with OneDrive, but when working with others and sharing documents, Dropbox is normally the application of choice. As well being able to easily upload documents, pictures and videos, you can also share the content easily with other users.

Users are also able to view their content clearly thanks to the simplified grid layout of Dropbox

  1. Evernote

Although there are many ways of capturing the information we view online, one of the easiest ways is the use of Evernote. Not only can you save web pages and other media online, but you can also view your content across several devices.

The information you capture can be segregated into personal and business sections, and anything can be found within the platform using a simple search.

  1. Spotify

If you’re something of a music junkie, then it stands to reason that you will be looking for a dedicated app. Although Spotify has a premium pricing model in place, if you’re happy to listen to some ads, there’s little reason as to why you can’t listen to some of your favorite music for free.

What’s more, using the dedicated Windows app is more straightforward than having to search your machine for the program, plus you can use your account across several different devices. However, if you’re having sound issues you may want to check out this post

  1. Autodesk SketchBook

When it comes to creating art online, many find that the programs available are too simple, or too intensive to be able to use effectively.

Fortunately, Autodesk SketchBook bridges the gap and offers users a selection of different tools partnered with an easy-to-use interface.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned artist, you will find the tools on offer easy to use and will be creating works of arts within minutes.

  1. Facebook

Not everyone will want to be checking their Facebook throughout the day, especially if they have other tasks to contend with, but there will be times when the popular social network is used towards business efforts, so it can be useful to have an app nearby.

The Facebook app Windows 10 offers a clear layout and allows you to check notifications and messages without having to log in via a web browser.

  1. TuneIn Radio

With the many forms of entertainment available online, it’s to forget about the humble radio. However, since radio has adopted the digital signal, those with an Internet connection are easily to find a slew of radio stations, and the TuneIn Radio app makes the process a lot easier.

With other 100,000 AM and FM radio stations to choose from that can be saved to your profile, finding a radio station that suits your taste won’t be an issue, and it can all be done with a few simple click.

  1. WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is one of the most popular forms of communication with smartphone owners, but it can be frustration checking our device every few minutes in relation to updates. Fortunately, Microsoft 10 users can move their conversation over to Windows 10 via the use of WhatsApp Desktop.

Simply scan the QR code given on screen and you’re good to go, just as you would on a smartphone.

  1. Netflix

Netflix needs little introduction, but there will be people who are unaware that their movie-watching needs can all be met with the Netflix app on Windows 10. The interface is just like any other iteration of Netflix, and allows you to search movies by actor, genre and sub-genre.

What’s more, you can download movies and TV episodes to watch when there is no Internet connection.

  1. TripAdvisor

Regardless of whether you travel for pleasure or business, it’s a good chance that TripAdvisor is one of the sites you use when it comes to making travel arrangements.

As well as being able to check out the latest reviews and photos relating to hotels and other locations, you can also make bookings easily.

The user interface is also simple and easy to use, meaning that you can find out a slew of information about your chosen destination within a matter of minutes.

Some may not use all the apps listed here and may feel inclined to go and see what other options are available.  Although there are among the more popular Windows 10 apps available, there are plenty more available that can help you ensure Windows 10 is used in a way that suits you.

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