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Does Your Business Need VIP Bodyguard Services?

Bodyguard services are not something many people really think about, are they? Sure, there was that rather famous movie released in 1992 but outside of that how many businesses really employ VIP bodyguard services?

Well when you think about it quite a lot of them do really! Record labels for example (sticking with the theme of the movie) will usually employ them, so will big sports teams, tech companies, banks and many more. So, bodyguards are actually quite an in-demand service, but the question today is do you need them?

If you have a small to medium-sized business in any industry there is a good chance you could benefit from hiring bodyguard services. You might not need bodyguards all the time but when you do hiring professionals from a bodyguard service provider is the best way to get them.

Let’s say you run a tech business and you’re asked to talk at a conference in another city you could quite easily go on your own, couldn’t you? But wouldn’t it be better to go with professional bodyguards? You might not be Mark Zuckerberg or Tim Cook but you could still be a target for criminals.

Not every business owner who is the target of criminals is the head of a multinational business! Many criminals are just as likely to target small to medium-sized business owners as well, so don’t think you’ll be free from threats just because your business is currently on the small side.

You also have to remember that business owners or leaders who need bodyguards aren’t just being protected from threats like kidnapping. Many people can get angry at business owners for a variety of reasons and you might be surprised just how often business owners/ leaders can be targeted by criminals.

So, even small business owners/ leaders can benefit from hiring professional bodyguard services. And this goes for businesses in all kinds of industries including finance, music, art, technology and many more. If you’re still not convinced about the importance of bodyguard services then don’t worry because we’ll be taking a more detailed look at how you can benefit from hiring professional bodyguard services in more detail below.

The Benefits of Bodyguard Services For Smaller Businesses

When you think of bodyguards you might think of things like celebrities and sports stars that’s understandable as those kinds of people do make up a large amount of bodyguards clients. Or in the movies and TV shows, they do anyway but any bodyguard services provider will have a more diverse client list than just celebrities and sports stars.

Smaller businesses can benefit from hiring professional bodyguard services in a number of ways regardless of what industry your business is in. First of all, you can get a greater guarantee of safety while you’re out and about and this can be very useful for businesses in more volatile areas or industries that are more controversial in nature.

Bodyguard services can also travel around with you, that is what their job entails after all. Having your own bodyguards can also help put you at ease as well and will almost certainly give you a greater sense of freedom. Bodyguards also have another great benefit that is rarely mentioned.

And that is their powerful ability to act as a deterrent to criminals in the first place. A would-be thief or any other kind of criminal is less likely to target you if they see you being flanked by a bodyguard or two. Sometimes bodyguards won’t even have to do anything to actually scare away potential threats.

Finally, another great benefit of hiring bodyguards is that they can actually offer more than just protection services. Most bodyguard services available today can help you in a variety of ways from assistance with basic tasks to actually providing companionship on longer journeys and business trips.

OK, you shouldn’t hire a bodyguard for just these services after all, if you want help with business-related tasks you’d be better of hiring a personal assistant or an employee with you. And a family member or friend is going to be the better option for companionship.

But these are still nice extra benefits that are rarely talked about when it comes to hiring bodyguards. Sure, they’re by no means the main reasons why you should think about hiring bodyguards, but they are beneficial additions to their skillset none the less.

Bodyguards can be a big benefit to your business for a number of reasons and you don’t have to be a huge business mogul to benefit from them either. Security is the main benefit of course and should always be the prime reason you hire them, which brings me nicely to my final point.

Do I Really Need Bodyguard Services If I Have Security Guards?

It surprising just how many people confuse bodyguards and security guards, their names sound similar and there is some minimal crossover between their duties, but they are very different. So, in short, the answer to the question above is yes! Just because you have security guards that doesn’t mean you will not need bodyguards.

Security guards protect an area hence their name, while bodyguards protect a person. That’s a more simplified explanation of their jobs but it gives you the general idea of what they do. Security guards will survey threats, monitor people and intervene when they see threats or criminal activity this is all very similar to the services offered by a bodyguard.

However, bodyguards will do all this while moving about from place to place and they will often have a higher degree of training as well. That’s not a slight at security guards either but in general bodyguards will be much more experienced when it comes to dealing with a higher level of threats.

Bodyguards are therefore always going to be the better option when it comes to dealing with threats to you, for protecting your offices and actual place of business security guards are the people to call. But when it comes to protecting you you’ll always want to services of professional bodyguards.

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