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Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know

The Concept of Configuration Engineering in business administration is a newly created system that requires a series of methodological steps aimed at increasing the profitability of training at the heart of the institution. This is done in an effort to increase returns and raise the levels of human resources to the highest degree of efficiency that transforms into real wealth.

The engineering of the composition follows a number of methods and tools that are new and far removed from those used in the classical system, as the latter adopts a method of giving importance to the center of work.

In addition to the above, the engineering of the formation is a number of interrelated links, which arise from monitoring the institution’s organizational constraints based on the directions of the institution and its future strategies, and studying the efficiency cards and the work center in order to monitor the lack of training levels on the ground. What is needed is defined as the need to achieve the desired objectives and to determine priorities based on the funds allocated for training.

Concepts in Configuration Engineering

A) Therapeutic concept

It is systematic training designed specifically for the correction of errors in the preparation program, especially those that result from the following:

1. The passage of a long period of graduation of the teacher, as it needs here the need to form and refine information.

2. The rapid change in education, as it is difficult to keep pace with this science and control.

B) Behavioral Concept

This concept sheds light on teaching skills, that is, all behaviors related to interactions, and what happens in them. This requires training the trainer or teacher on how to analyze the current situation.

C) Creative Concept

In this concept, the evaluation of the behavior of the instructor or teacher is rejected based on the elements of the educational situation and aims to raise the level of motivation towards self-growth.

Stages of Configuration Engineering

1. The inventory phase of the training needs

The monitoring of needs required by training, which can be derived in a number of different ways, including organizational analysis, analysis of operations, and individual analysis, and more specifically, it is necessary to identify needs in the future, current, organizational, professional and individual levels.

2. Planning and Organization Stage

The planning and organization phase includes an urgent need to monitor the objectives, means, procedures, and resources to be used in the coming stages to achieve the desired objectives.

3. Evaluation phase

The evaluation phase is one of the most neglected stages of engineering, although it is very important in any formative process. It is a link between the end of the present and the start of the next stage, in which the desire of the constituents can be met.

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