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3 principal elements in marketing you never thought about

Did you ask yourself a question before when you were watching One of the professional TV commercials for international companies, how did they get the ability and creativity to affect you and how they link you to the product even before you buy it and try it? I’m going to tell you, it’s marketing,

The marketing is one of the most important business areas and we have talked about business areas before you can check our article from Here. Now we can start directly with the marketing mix.

What’s the marketing mix?

Marketing Mix is a set of interrelated and integrated marketing activities designed to implement marketing function according to the planned approach. The marketing mix is defined as the marketing tools used by any company in order to continue to reach marketing objectives in the target market, these tools are called components of the marketing mix.

The marketing mix is one of the basic concepts in modern marketing, and the main principles of this combination are written back to 1948 by James Colton. He suggested that marketing decisions can be defined according to a wonderful prescription. In 1953, the president of the United States Marketing Association, Neil Borden give it that name (Marketing Mix), and in 1960 they put the elements of the mix, and start all the elements with letter P.

The seven marketing mix elements after the end of the various companies and institutions from the development of their marketing strategies, it is necessary to pay attention to the components of the marketing mix, which contribute to the assessment of the special activities in the work environment on an ongoing basis. These seven elements are the right way to achieve the best results for the work in the market.

And finally, the seven elements are (Product – Place – Promotion – Price – People – Physical Evidence – Process).

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Let us start to discover more about these elements:


Is something that is produced by a mechanical, human or natural effort, and employers have to pay attention to their own products in order to make the right decision about whether their product is valid at this time or not! And make sure if the product is suitable for customers and market? Whenever an employer has difficulty selling his services or products, he needs to develop interest in his products.


The price is based on the constant search for prices for the services and goods sold by the employer. In order to ensure that they are commensurate with the current market, these prices may sometimes need to be reduced or increased at other times and in various businesses when faced with the employer is frustrated by the result of his marketing plan. He should reconsider this plan with a view to restructuring the pricing, especially if it is not ideal and suitable for the market at present.


The promotion is all the methods used to inform customers about the services or goods and the means used to sell them, and the various companies are trying to experience many different ways of promoting their services and products, and whatever the method of promotion used in the work environment should be careful to develop sales, in the advertisement.

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