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4 Secrets and Strategies, You Need to Know about Marketing

We have written in a previous article about the 3 principal elements of marketing and now we will complete what we talked about to discover the reset secrets of marketing and some of the marketing strategies, we talked about (product, price and promotion).

The four marketing secrets:


The place is the location where goods and services are sold, and it is important to develop this element by thinking about the right place for the salesperson or merchant to meet customers. Changing the place of sale often helps to increase sales quickly so it is possible to sell products in places the majority of companies use direct sales, and others may sell their products by telemarketing, selling by retail establishments, trade fairs, or other means.

2. People:

Individuals are people who interact with services and goods, such as employees, business people, and other human components involved in marketing and providing services to customers that include the definition of the nature of the product or service provided to them. The appearance and behavior of these individuals also influence perceptions Customers about the company’s services and commodities.

3. Physical evidence:

Physical evidence is the environment in which the service is provided; it contributes to the interaction between customers and the facility, and other tangible components that facilitate the provision of services and goods. The material manual also covers all matters that represent services, such as reports, brochures, business cards, Communications, and other physical evidence.

4. Process:

The process is the actual procedures that include the flow of activities that contribute to the delivery of services and goods, the actual implementation of the delivery steps to the customers, and the provision of a set of appropriate evidence to control or deal with the goods or services.

The marketing mix characteristics when making decisions about a marketing mix must have certain characteristics:

  • Harmony: is the consistency that must be applied to all decisions of the marketing mix, consistent with the enterprise’s overall strategies, thus contributing to the achievement of the appropriate objectives.
  • Flexibility: It is to stimulate the marketing mix to be responsive to changes in market conditions in terms of customer needs, competition, and other variables.

Marketing mix strategies Enterprises rely on the use of strategies to enhance the relationship between the target market and the marketing mix.

Marketing Strategies:

Undifferentiated Strategy
Is to focus on designing a single marketing mix in order to enter the market through a product, whether for a single price, a single promotion method, or a single distribution system. This strategy is applied based on the identification of the overall needs of customers in the markets.

Concentrated Strategy
It is a strategy that is applied when the target market is not homogenous. It divides the market into groups of enterprises, groups or persons that are similar in particular characteristics and helps the entity to analyze the needs and characteristics of a target group, thus contributing to the building of a uniform marketing mix for all sectors.

Differentiated Strategy
Is the strategy of providing a marketing mix that is targeted to all parts of the target market. This strategy is applied after relying on the implementation of the focus strategy. The differentiation strategy contributes to giving the business an opportunity to attract more sales because it is targeted to more targeted segments.

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