Our Resources

  1. Human resources: Human Resources mean focusing on staff functions; by dividing the company by a range of activities including training, hiring new employees, directing personnel, and providing staff benefits, human resources are defined as part of the management two of the other human resources definitions is the administration concerned with the persons working in the company. The human resources are keen on following up the records of their appointment and the payment of their financial dues.
  2. Emotional Resources: Consulting enterprises is one of the most complicated processes and it can be a very stressful endeavor for both clients and employees to undertake. So, we have to make them both motivated, our support team and HR department make an emotional consulting plan that can give them both inspirations and guidance as needed.
  3. Financial Resources: It’s is the most important element to support our business phases, tools and help our employees in the business cycle.
  4. Educational Resources: Knowledge is one of the most important things helping us in the consultation process.


The objectives of Joseki enterprise

All economic institutions are interested in achieving objectives that correspond to the nature of their activity. The following are some of the most important of these objectives:

1.  Economic objectives: the pursuit of profit, and respond to the wishes of customers, and attention to rationalizing production.

2. Social objectives: To ensure the achievement of an acceptable level of salaries, and to contribute to improving the standards of living of employees, and to ensure the cohesion and organization of employees, and provide appropriate insurance for them.

3. Cultural objectives: To provide all cultural and recreational means for employees, and to provide training for beginners.

4. Technological objectives: the interest in development and research, the use of the media to reduce costs and gain time, and access to reliable and accurate information.