featured11 - Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know
Business Technology

Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know

The Concept of Configuration Engineering in business administration is a newly created system that requires a series of methodological steps aimed at increasing the profitability of training at the heart of the institution. This is done in an effort to increase returns and raise the levels of human resources to the highest degree of efficiency […]

featured6 - 8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Businesswoman
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8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Businesswoman

A businesswoman is a lady who is involved in business administration. She may be the owner or executive director of a company. The businesswoman also participates in many industrial professional fields and is interested in following up the financial issues that are associated with her managerial role in the work environment. How can you become […]

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4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website

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4 Secrets and Strategies You Need to Apply for Successful Marketing

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Windows apps header 796x398 - The Best Windows 10 Apps

The Best Windows 10 Apps

The Best Windows 10 Apps Although Windows 10 is good to go as soon as you switch your device on, it does allow for a more tailored user-experience, thanks to its use of apps. Although the use of apps is often associated with the Android and iOS operating systems, Windows has recognized how useful they […]

featured11 - Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know

Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know

cloud computing cc skills 1 - 6 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses

6 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses

apple tim cook lon vd 1132x670 - Does Your Business Need VIP Bodyguard Services?

Does Your Business Need VIP Bodyguard Services?

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Windows apps header 796x398 - The Best Windows 10 Apps

The Best Windows 10 Apps

The Best Windows 10 Apps

Although Windows 10 is good to go as soon as you switch your device on, it does allow for a more tailored user-experience, thanks to its use of apps. Although the use of apps is often associated with the Android and iOS operating systems, Windows has recognized how useful they can be, and made them an integral part of Windows 10.

Of course, some apps are better than others, but fear not. The following list highlights some of the most popular apps doing the rounds on the Windows Store.

  1. Google

Although it may seem a little strange that you should use the Google app when you may already have access to the Windows equivalents, there will be time when users need access to both services. Plus, Google are the search engine leaders, so although Bing serves a purpose, most people will be using Google for their online searches.

The Google app will also give users access to other services, such as Google Plus and YouTube. It’s effectively a productivity suite geared towards Google users.

  1. Dropbox

Windows comes with OneDrive, but when working with others and sharing documents, Dropbox is normally the application of choice. As well being able to easily upload documents, pictures and videos, you can also share the content easily with other users.

Users are also able to view their content clearly thanks to the simplified grid layout of Dropbox

  1. Evernote

Although there are many ways of capturing the information we view online, one of the easiest ways is the use of Evernote. Not only can you save web pages and other media online, but you can also view your content across several devices.

The information you capture can be segregated into personal and business sections, and anything can be found within the platform using a simple search.

  1. Spotify

If you’re something of a music junkie, then it stands to reason that you will be looking for a dedicated app. Although Spotify has a premium pricing model in place, if you’re happy to listen to some ads, there’s little reason as to why you can’t listen to some of your favorite music for free.

What’s more, using the dedicated Windows app is more straightforward than having to search your machine for the program, plus you can use your account across several different devices. However, if you’re having sound issues you may want to check out this post https://techloris.com/windows-10-no-sound/

  1. Autodesk SketchBook

When it comes to creating art online, many find that the programs available are too simple, or too intensive to be able to use effectively.

Fortunately, Autodesk SketchBook bridges the gap and offers users a selection of different tools partnered with an easy-to-use interface.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned artist, you will find the tools on offer easy to use and will be creating works of arts within minutes.

  1. Facebook

Not everyone will want to be checking their Facebook throughout the day, especially if they have other tasks to contend with, but there will be times when the popular social network is used towards business efforts, so it can be useful to have an app nearby.

The Facebook app Windows 10 offers a clear layout and allows you to check notifications and messages without having to log in via a web browser.

  1. TuneIn Radio

With the many forms of entertainment available online, it’s to forget about the humble radio. However, since radio has adopted the digital signal, those with an Internet connection are easily to find a slew of radio stations, and the TuneIn Radio app makes the process a lot easier.

With other 100,000 AM and FM radio stations to choose from that can be saved to your profile, finding a radio station that suits your taste won’t be an issue, and it can all be done with a few simple click.

  1. WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is one of the most popular forms of communication with smartphone owners, but it can be frustration checking our device every few minutes in relation to updates. Fortunately, Microsoft 10 users can move their conversation over to Windows 10 via the use of WhatsApp Desktop.

Simply scan the QR code given on screen and you’re good to go, just as you would on a smartphone.

  1. Netflix

Netflix needs little introduction, but there will be people who are unaware that their movie-watching needs can all be met with the Netflix app on Windows 10. The interface is just like any other iteration of Netflix, and allows you to search movies by actor, genre and sub-genre.

What’s more, you can download movies and TV episodes to watch when there is no Internet connection.

  1. TripAdvisor

Regardless of whether you travel for pleasure or business, it’s a good chance that TripAdvisor is one of the sites you use when it comes to making travel arrangements.

As well as being able to check out the latest reviews and photos relating to hotels and other locations, you can also make bookings easily.

The user interface is also simple and easy to use, meaning that you can find out a slew of information about your chosen destination within a matter of minutes.

Some may not use all the apps listed here and may feel inclined to go and see what other options are available.  Although there are among the more popular Windows 10 apps available, there are plenty more available that can help you ensure Windows 10 is used in a way that suits you.

featured11 - Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know
Business Technology

Configuration Engineering for Business: Everything You Need to Know

The Concept of Configuration Engineering in business administration is a newly created system that requires a series of methodological steps aimed at increasing the profitability of training at the heart of the institution. This is done in an effort to increase returns and raise the levels of human resources to the highest degree of efficiency that transforms into real wealth.

The engineering of the composition follows a number of methods and tools that are new and far removed from those used in the classical system, as the latter adopts a method of giving importance to the center of work.

In addition to the above, the engineering of the formation is a number of interrelated links, which arise from monitoring the institution’s organizational constraints based on the directions of the institution and its future strategies, and studying the efficiency cards and the work center in order to monitor the lack of training levels on the ground. What is needed is defined as the need to achieve the desired objectives and to determine priorities based on the funds allocated for training.

Concepts in Configuration Engineering

A) Therapeutic concept

It is systematic training designed specifically for the correction of errors in the preparation program, especially those that result from the following:

1. The passage of a long period of graduation of the teacher, as it needs here the need to form and refine information.

2. The rapid change in education, as it is difficult to keep pace with this science and control.

B) Behavioral Concept

This concept sheds light on teaching skills, that is, all behaviors related to interactions, and what happens in them. This requires training the trainer or teacher on how to analyze the current situation.

C) Creative Concept

In this concept, the evaluation of the behavior of the instructor or teacher is rejected based on the elements of the educational situation and aims to raise the level of motivation towards self-growth.

Stages of Configuration Engineering

1. The inventory phase of the training needs

The monitoring of needs required by training, which can be derived in a number of different ways, including organizational analysis, analysis of operations, and individual analysis, and more specifically, it is necessary to identify needs in the future, current, organizational, professional and individual levels.

2. Planning and Organization Stage

The planning and organization phase includes an urgent need to monitor the objectives, means, procedures, and resources to be used in the coming stages to achieve the desired objectives.

3. Evaluation phase

The evaluation phase is one of the most neglected stages of engineering, although it is very important in any formative process. It is a link between the end of the present and the start of the next stage, in which the desire of the constituents can be met.

cloud computing cc skills 1 - 6 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses
Business Technology

6 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses

If we look at it technically, the term cloud refers to the phenomenon of storing data in a centralized location. The authorized individual can access it anytime from any of his connected devices.

Cloud computing has turned out to be a revolution in the world of technology. It has been extremely helpful in the progress of small-scale businesses by providing them access to resources that could only be previously availed by larger corporations.

All you need is a reliable, fast internet connection and your favorite web browser to tap into the potential of this brilliant data system.

From data security to storage, insights provided by CRM systems, usage of the latest software and optimization of resources- are only some of the benefits that you can reap from using cloud computing technology. Not only that, you will gain freedom from making huge, expensive investments into data servers and other related hardware.

Here are 6 more reasons why cloud computing has changed the way companies conduct their operations and gained momentous demand in the process. These tips were shared by Mustard IT who are one of the leading IT firms helping London companies.


There is a large number of growing small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) that believe the ability to work remotely is a blessing as well as a critical aspect of their business’s productivity. With the help of an uninterrupted internet, service facilities offered by the cloud can be accessed at anytime from anywhere without going through the hassle of downloading or installing a certain software application.

Teams that are located in different locations can share documents directly on the cloud rather than emailing and attaching heavy documents along. It also provides the convenience of instant messaging and holding meetings with team members situated at several different locations via audio, video and web conferencing facilities.

This is a tremendous advantage that allows companies to derive further business opportunities and increase their overall efficiency level. Many cloud technologies allow the addition of vendors and third parties as well to be included to meetings.

This may fill any communication gaps between the team functioning from remote locations and the customers. Hence, it is an excellent opportunity to collaborate across all stages of the communication channel and ensure transparency at every phase.


Cloud computing allows small businesses to expand at their will and make their operations flexible. New resources can be accommodated by the business owners quite easily as their usage can be requested as per their need. It certainly gives them an edge to be able to support the ever changing and engaging necessities of the business. While in order to expand the company, these start ups often require

untimely usage of resources. But understandably it is not feasible always to invest a hefty amount to acquire those resources.

However, when using the cloud, all the resources are available on project based pricing. This provides them the opportunity to evolve as fully functional small enterprises with high levels of productivity.


Cloud computing for smaller businesses can help minimize the cost on numerous fronts which includes server maintenance, power and cooling costs, upgrade expenses and software licensing.

Small scale businesses make use of software and other services offered by the cloud rather than getting into the hassle of buying and installation multiple software and hardware devices that go obsolete after a certain amount of time.

Such products have a lower lifecycle as compared to before as innovations has become an industrial norm. All this is possible for a low monthly fee which may help the businesses to expand their services utilizing the budget for other required expenses.

As a small business owner, you can also scale up or scale down your cloud computing consumption on the basis of your business needs. (e.g. remove users or less storage space) saving your money to a great extent)


Often, it has been observed that small scale businesses do not have the capacity to support or install a back up strategy in case of some kind of technological failure. Sometimes, they even store data on site. Cloud computing has all the measures intact to allow you to access your data anytime and anywhere, even in the case of a natural disaster such as a flood or an earth quake.

The latest version of your data is saved by the cloud computing services automatically and frequently to a secure and efficient online location.

The fact that the data is not physically stored at any location makes it secure automatically. This reduces your down time to zero in case of a mishap and gets you running within minutes. It also provides geo- redundant backups, which mean the data is being stored at multiple online locations to ensure your data’s security.


Cloud based services can be trusted more than physical data servers, especially when that equipment is outdated and not up to the sectorial benchmark. Cloud service providers have an efficient and dedicated IT team that knows how to rectify any problem and do it a lot faster than an in-house IT support team would of a budding business.

The cloud computing environment allows small businesses to choose their services from a portfolio, use them as they are needed and terminate them when the desired result is achieved. This property of scalability offered by cloud computing allows cost savings to be incurred on software/hardware services and applications which are not even in use any longer.


Using cloud computing services enables your data to be safe from all sorts of security threats. Whether you are hacked or in danger of data theft, it allows such intense data security that it is equally being used by small or large businesses alike. This leverage allows you to focus on other pivotal aspects of business to get better results.

Every small-scale business has a very different working strategy, environment, situation, budget, availability of funds and resources, terms and conditions. But the services offered by cloud computing are innumerable and vast as you have the capacity to make the most of those services.

If you wish to remain competitive in today’s business climate, you may want to consider tapping into the benefits of cloud technology. Best of luck!

apple tim cook lon vd 1132x670 - Does Your Business Need VIP Bodyguard Services?
Business Technology

Does Your Business Need VIP Bodyguard Services?

Bodyguard services are not something many people really think about, are they? Sure, there was that rather famous movie released in 1992 but outside of that how many businesses really employ VIP bodyguard services?

Well when you think about it quite a lot of them do really! Record labels for example (sticking with the theme of the movie) will usually employ them, so will big sports teams, tech companies, banks and many more. So, bodyguards are actually quite an in-demand service, but the question today is do you need them?

If you have a small to medium-sized business in any industry there is a good chance you could benefit from hiring bodyguard services. You might not need bodyguards all the time but when you do hiring professionals from a bodyguard service provider is the best way to get them.

Let’s say you run a tech business and you’re asked to talk at a conference in another city you could quite easily go on your own, couldn’t you? But wouldn’t it be better to go with professional bodyguards? You might not be Mark Zuckerberg or Tim Cook but you could still be a target for criminals.

Not every business owner who is the target of criminals is the head of a multinational business! Many criminals are just as likely to target small to medium-sized business owners as well, so don’t think you’ll be free from threats just because your business is currently on the small side.

You also have to remember that business owners or leaders who need bodyguards aren’t just being protected from threats like kidnapping. Many people can get angry at business owners for a variety of reasons and you might be surprised just how often business owners/ leaders can be targeted by criminals.

So, even small business owners/ leaders can benefit from hiring professional bodyguard services. And this goes for businesses in all kinds of industries including finance, music, art, technology and many more. If you’re still not convinced about the importance of bodyguard services then don’t worry because we’ll be taking a more detailed look at how you can benefit from hiring professional bodyguard services in more detail below.

The Benefits of Bodyguard Services For Smaller Businesses

When you think of bodyguards you might think of things like celebrities and sports stars that’s understandable as those kinds of people do make up a large amount of bodyguards clients. Or in the movies and TV shows, they do anyway but any bodyguard services provider will have a more diverse client list than just celebrities and sports stars.

Smaller businesses can benefit from hiring professional bodyguard services in a number of ways regardless of what industry your business is in. First of all, you can get a greater guarantee of safety while you’re out and about and this can be very useful for businesses in more volatile areas or industries that are more controversial in nature.

Bodyguard services can also travel around with you, that is what their job entails after all. Having your own bodyguards can also help put you at ease as well and will almost certainly give you a greater sense of freedom. Bodyguards also have another great benefit that is rarely mentioned.

And that is their powerful ability to act as a deterrent to criminals in the first place. A would-be thief or any other kind of criminal is less likely to target you if they see you being flanked by a bodyguard or two. Sometimes bodyguards won’t even have to do anything to actually scare away potential threats.

Finally, another great benefit of hiring bodyguards is that they can actually offer more than just protection services. Most bodyguard services available today can help you in a variety of ways from assistance with basic tasks to actually providing companionship on longer journeys and business trips.

OK, you shouldn’t hire a bodyguard for just these services after all, if you want help with business-related tasks you’d be better of hiring a personal assistant or an employee with you. And a family member or friend is going to be the better option for companionship.

But these are still nice extra benefits that are rarely talked about when it comes to hiring bodyguards. Sure, they’re by no means the main reasons why you should think about hiring bodyguards, but they are beneficial additions to their skillset none the less.

Bodyguards can be a big benefit to your business for a number of reasons and you don’t have to be a huge business mogul to benefit from them either. Security is the main benefit of course and should always be the prime reason you hire them, which brings me nicely to my final point.

Do I Really Need Bodyguard Services If I Have Security Guards?

It surprising just how many people confuse bodyguards and security guards, their names sound similar and there is some minimal crossover between their duties, but they are very different. So, in short, the answer to the question above is yes! Just because you have security guards that doesn’t mean you will not need bodyguards.

Security guards protect an area hence their name, while bodyguards protect a person. That’s a more simplified explanation of their jobs but it gives you the general idea of what they do. Security guards will survey threats, monitor people and intervene when they see threats or criminal activity this is all very similar to the services offered by a bodyguard.

However, bodyguards will do all this while moving about from place to place and they will often have a higher degree of training as well. That’s not a slight at security guards either but in general bodyguards will be much more experienced when it comes to dealing with a higher level of threats.

Bodyguards are therefore always going to be the better option when it comes to dealing with threats to you, for protecting your offices and actual place of business security guards are the people to call. But when it comes to protecting you you’ll always want to services of professional bodyguards.

featured9 - Business Management with SAPs: 18 Modules of SAP Explained

Business Management with SAPs: 18 Modules of SAP Explained

The company was founded in 1972 in Germany by some engineers who worked for the American company IBM.  The purpose of the company was to find management software versions, in order to link them together in a single system to upgrade its work and efficiency in its performance, in order to dispense with the various systems and software that are different in their characteristics.

A Definition of SAP

SAP is an abbreviation of a company’s name that focuses on software and tech support for businesses: Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing.

This ERP system has helped many companies; it facilitated its work according to one application program for all companies of all kinds, It is worth noting that there are many companies and institutions around the world that use this system, including the automotive industry, the computer industry, in addition to many companies of the electronics industry and investment companies.

It is worth mentioning that IBM itself uses SAP products; this system is easily operational, especially in the management of their resources. It is a strong and cohesive system as well, so the interest and demand for this system increases annually. The company’s total annual profit in 2015 was over $3 billion, the year 2011 was the most profitable for the period 2006 to 2015; the total annual profit was 3 billion and 400 million dollars.


SAP has many applications, which can be used both combined and separately. The applications of this system are generally known and interconnected, called SAP Modules. However, each of these applications has its own price, an independent licensee of its own, and applications that are within SAP are the following:


Means financial accounting.


Means Controlling.


Means Enterprise Control.

4. TR

Is the abbreviation for Treasury.

5. IM

is an abbreviation for Investment Management.

6. HR

Is a shortcut to human resources.

7. SD

Is an abbreviation for sales and distribution.

8. MM

Is an abbreviation for Materials Management.

9. PM

Plant Maintenance (Plant Maintenance).

10. PP

Is an abbreviation for production planning.

11. QM

Is an abbreviation for quality management.

12. BW

Is an abbreviation for business warehousing.

13. IS

Is an abbreviation for Industry Solution.

14. CS

Is the abbreviation for Customer Service.

15. PS

Project Systems.

16. CRM

An abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management that is commonly used in marketing.

17. My SAP

Product Life Cycle Management.

18. SCM

Takes care of the management of the SAP NetWeaver Supply Chain Management (SAP).

Whatever your business needs – SAP can help you manage your business successfully and efficiently. Whether you offer products or services, SAP’s applications will enable you to take care of the important things while the nitty gritty is managed safely and securely.

info4 - Business Management with SAPs: 18 Modules of SAP Explained
Image source: visual.ly
2016 06 30 7 low cost ideas for starting your own business BlogPost - How Much Does It Cost to Run a Business?

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Business?

Investment has become a hot commodity, so much so that those looking to start a business can often be fooled into thinking that they need an excessive amount of capital to start a business. How much it costs to run a business ultimately depends on what tasks will be outsourced, and how the business owner goes about drafting their business plan.

Evidently, there will be times when a business such as This Fort Worth Pool Company | Willsha Pools will require investment, but there are plenty of steps that can be taken during the developing stage of your business to ensure costs are kept low.

What Type of Business Do You Plan to Run

The amount you will need to run your business will often depend on the business model. For example, those looking to operate a tax company will need more capital than those looking to embark on a solo writing career. However, this doesn’t mean we have to jump in at the deep end when starting a business.

For example, those looking to operate a taxi firm could start with one vehicle that specialises in airport runs. Those looking to run a store could start with a small stall at the local market. Thinking outside the box can mean that we’re being more careful when spending, meaning we can use the profits for future investment as opposed to credit.

Do You Need an Office?

Depending on your current situations, an office may be a necessity. However, in other circumstances it can be seen as a costly investment that doesn’t hold much value during the start of a business.

Although its understandable that a business wants to portray itself as professional, this doesn’t mean you should invest funds you don’t have when it comes to acquiring space. A quiet area in the home or even a few hours in the coffee shop can be more cost-effective than the rental of an office.

Many office suppliers may also be able to offer co-working space at a fraction of the price, you simply need to find a solution that works for you.

What Are the Essentials?

When starting a business, it can be easy to mix up the essentials with the wants, which often means we end up spending more than we need to.

It often helps to create a list of what you really need to run the business. This will ensure that you stay within your budget with no fear of overspending.

What Capital Do You Have Access To?

Everyone will have their own approach to the world of business, and many will have different ways when it comes to funding the business. Some may already have savings in place, whereas others may be looking to keep a current role as the business develops.

However, there can be instances where you may need access to more capital than you have available, and you will need to ascertain as to what financial solution suits you best.

For example, some may apply for a bank loan, whereas others may look for investment for a stake in the company. You should consider your long-term goals to ascertain how much capital will needed, and what the best approach is when it comes to acquiring the funds.

When Will You Expect to Make a Profit?

It stands to reason that the less overheads we have, then the more profit we can year for the company. However, it’s important that we remain realistic, and ensure that there is enough cashflow to see the business through until it’s in a position to make a profit.

It can also be useful to draw up details of any upcoming financial commitment or expensive costs to ensure that the business is able to pay these as and when they arrive.

How Will Your Business Accounts be Managed?

Many business owners may assume that it’s cheaper to have any business accounts prepared in house, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on the size of the business, and the number of tasks it must contend with, it could be more cost-effective to use a third-party professional.

If the turnover is relatively small, then you may be able to prepare your own accounts, but it’s advisable to use a professional as they will not only ensure that the business accounts are prepared in the right way but will also ensure that you’re receiving the right benefits in relation to the taxes you pay.

What’s Deemed a Business Expense?

To ensure that you’re getting the most from your business, you need to ensure that it’s spending money in the right way. Whenever you incur a cost running the business, it’s important that you keep a record of the costs to ensure that you’re not paying more than you need when it comes to tax.

Consider this, you have had to purchase a new laptop at $1000.00. If this has come out of the business and is purely for business use, then you effectively have $1000.00 less to pay tax on. As such, it’s important to track and record every single expense, regardless of how trivial they may seem at the time.

Becoming More Experienced in Your Field 

Another expense that new business owners may not be aware of us is learning new skills in our field. Sectors such as SEO and marketing are always changing, so it makes sense that business owners want to stay abreast of current developments within their field.

For many, the first port-of-call may be some form od business course, but depending which avenue you take, it could be costly.

Fortunately, there are several courses online, which are often more cost-effective than attending the course in person. Of course, you will need to ensure that the courses meet your requirements, but some research could mean that you’re saving hundreds of dollars, which can be used on other sectors of the business in a more effective way.

featured8 - Programming 101: Four Commonly Used Programming Languages You Have to Know About

Programming 101: Four Commonly Used Programming Languages You Have to Know About

Programming is the process by which the programmer writes code, which is a set of commands, which are then executed by computers. Programming Languages are special languages used by programmers to write ERPs, scripts, or other sets of commands to be executed on a computer.

Types of programming languages

Programming languages can be divided into two types according to their level of machine language, the language that the computer understands directly.

Low-level languages

These are the closest programming languages to the machine language. A lower level language is known as an assembly language. These languages are characterized by the fact that they include only the commands understood by the computer, and thus are the most remote from the language understood by man, but at the same time allow the programmer full control of his program.

High-level languages

The farthest from machine language and the closest to human comprehension, but they also do not provide the same amount of control as the low-level languages of the programmer, computer memory, and data.

An important feature of high-level programming languages is to enable the programmer to use variables, objects, routines, and loops. Sometimes, you perform a large number of commands by typing only one line. Examples of such programming languages are Python and Ruby.

There are programming languages that cannot be enumerated. Each of these languages has its own features and uses.

Some of the common programming languages include the following:

11 - Programming 101: Four Commonly Used Programming Languages You Have to Know About

C: A high-level programming language for general use, created in the 1970s at Bell Labs by Dennis Richie, an ideal language for writing programs Firmware and mobile.

12 - Programming 101: Four Commonly Used Programming Languages You Have to Know About

Python: is an object-oriented programming language that is easy to learn and has little complexity and can run on multiple operating systems.

13 - Programming 101: Four Commonly Used Programming Languages You Have to Know About

Java: is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that was created by Sun Microsystems in 1991 and is currently under Oracle After the latter bought Sun in 2009. According to statistics from Oracle, at present, there are more than 9 million programmers using Java.

14 - Programming 101: Four Commonly Used Programming Languages You Have to Know About

C ++: is a high-level programming language of general use that is very similar in C language, but it also supports object-oriented programming, which the programmer can use or programming in C language without the need to comply with the programmatic orientation.

Programming languages are used for multiple applications and are changing the way we do the things we do or see the things we see on a daily basis. We trust that you enjoyed our introductory article on some of the most popular programming languages used by programmers today.

featured7 - Network Protocols for Dummies: What Everyone must know About Network Protocols

Network Protocols for Dummies: What Everyone must know About Network Protocols

The term computer network is referred to as the system used to connect two or more devices to one another by means of a communication system technology for the purpose of transferring and sharing information between networks and resources available to the network such as the printer and application software.


These networks allow users to communicate among themselves directly. The World Wide Web is the network of communications that covers the entire globe. This type of network needs enormous, expensive and long-term efforts to continue its work for periods of up to decades; it requires well-connected interconnections, sea and ground cables, and ground stations as well.

The Internet is a global network that allows its users to communicate and exchange information and data among themselves even in smaller networks with computers spread around the world. It relies mainly on its work on the so-called protocol, and millions of people can use it at the same time.

#1 Internet Protocol (IP)

It is a system that imposes a set of rules on the exchange of data between computers via the Internet; that is, it carries data from one source to another final destination; for example, TCP / IP.

#2 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

It is a system for the transmission of Internet materials through the Web. The purpose of this is to publish and receive HTML pages that can be used in websites, ERPs and is classified under the seventh layer of the IP packet system.

#3 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

It is the protocol that is responsible for data transmission and transfer between computers and the server. It also imposes its control over the transmission, i.e. the IP system, and divides the parties of the data transfer process into a server and receiver.

#4 The OSI

OSI reference is the main reference for open systems interconnection; it is a theoretical and quadratic model related to the design of computational protocols between computer networks; it consists of seven layers:

  • the application layer;
  • the configuration layer;
  • the session layer;
  • the transport layer;
  • the data connection layer; and
  • the physical class.
Other concepts Network layer

This is the third layer among the seven classes of Open Systems Interconnection and its function of network addressing in general; communication between them and data communication.

File Sharing

This is the process that involves the dissemination of digital information, such as software, multimedia or documents.

There you have it – a brief overview of all the different types of Network Protocols you should know about. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about business, marketing, or tech news and developments. Our team of experts will gladly assist. Are you looking to launch your very own website? Be sure to read our insightful article with 4 easy steps to follow to do just that.

featured6 - 8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Businesswoman
Business Marketing

8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Businesswoman

A businesswoman is a lady who is involved in business administration. She may be the owner or executive director of a company. The businesswoman also participates in many industrial professional fields and is interested in following up the financial issues that are associated with her managerial role in the work environment.

How can you become a successful businesswoman?

Many women in the community seek to participate in the business sector, which is one of the important areas in the modern economy, especially with the increase in economic developments that affected the various sectors of business, whether commercial or some kind of traditional crafts.

For any woman to succeed in participating in the field of business, it is important to have personal skills that enable them to work effectively in this field, with the need to have sufficient experience in all business areas and marketing. In order to obtain the title of a businesswoman and success in running your business, the following procedures and advice should be implemented:

1. Network and discuss ideas with experts

Starting a business requires a businesswoman to know people who have experience in managing and running a business and getting the right funding for her. The businesswoman should communicate and network with the experts.

2. Balancing tips and business objectives

A businesswoman gets many tips before starting her own business and must balance her work with each of these tips, but that does not mean that every advice the businesswoman gets is appropriate. So, it is important to choose appropriate advice to integrate them into their own business and needs.

3. Commitment to the application of the business model

The business owner must identify and choose the best business model for her company by investing money in product development and improvement. Confidence in the success of the business is necessary to ensure that the company moves forward.

4. Enhancing relationships within the scope of work

Especially when the businesswoman knows people who provide useful advice. It is important to share the recommendations of the work on its success or failure, and the strengthening of business relationships depends on the role of effective communication among businesswomen, which supports learning from different experiences.

5. Correcting the trend when something stops working

There are no final decisions in the business world, especially in marketing. It is important to experiment with a variety of marketing methods, and if the plan is not successful, it is important to change them in order to achieve success.

6. Making a distinction is the main goal of the business

A businesswoman is successful when she is constantly thinking and implementing the work using a specific strategic approach. A businesswoman must always be geared towards excellence in her work.

7. To promote self-confidence

A successful business is what they trust themselves and are well aware of their ability to succeed; by maintaining their own strengths; to achieve their dreams in business.

8. Learning from circumstances and experiences whether positive or negative

It is also important to listen to others rather than to talk to them, while paying attention to the continued development of personal work skills, even after determining the quality of work to be applied in business.

We trust that our top tips for aspiring businesswomen have inspired you to get started on running your very own successful business. We wish you nothing but success. Be sure to look into our advertising services should you need a platform to promote your product or service – we’d be delighted to help.

info3 - 8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Businesswoman
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featured10 - 4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website
Marketing Technology

4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website

A website is a site where there are several web pages that can be linked to one another. These pages can be accessed by visiting the home page of the site using a browser web page. Web pages are provided by what is known as web servers. These pages can be located in a single web server or distributed across multiple web servers in different geographic locations.

The web server sends the pages to the site visitor through the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) in response to requests from the visitor. The Web server contains certain software called Web server software, as well as the ability and quality of other programs, such as those that provide e-mail, or which provide file transfer by FTP, and so on.

Publishing a website requires several steps. First, anyone who wants to create a website should follow these steps


21 - 4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website

You must register a domain for the website, the address of the website where visitors access the site using web browsers.

There are several websites that offer domain registration, and some companies that provide web hosting services may also provide this service. After completing the two phases of web hosting and domain registration.

2. The design of the site

22 - 4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website

This step begins with the layout of the site. The type and purpose of the website, in addition to the sitemap and its content, are taken into consideration. The visitor’s navigation within the site is determined in addition to the type of content contained in it, images, video, etc.

The website can be designed using custom programming languages, including HTML, which is the basis of web design, as well as CSS, through which the body and appearance of the website can be determined. There is certain software that helps in the design process of the website, the most famous of this software is Adobe Dreamweaver which can also be used to create a custom logo design or you could use a service such as LogoOrbit for your website, and the site owner can use a CMS to design his site.

3. Publish

23 - 4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website

Once the website design is completed, the site owner can publish it by uploading its files to the web server using FTP or certain applications that the company hosting the site may provide.

4. Promote

24 - 4 Essential Steps for Publishing Your Own Website

Then you must promote your site by promoting it to become available on various search engines by configuring the site and making it suitable for search engine standards. It is strongly recommended to do periodic maintenance of the website by checking the site to ensure that it works as required with all web browsers and the latest updates and adding new content from time to time.

We trust that you will be able to publish your very own website for your successful business by following our handy steps.

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